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“It’s an impound yard, you are not in a good mood when you go there. However, all the staff who I engaged with were friendly and helpful.”
– May 13, 2019 (Adrian White)

“If you’re lucky enough to get Greg in Truck 36, you are in good hands! Had an incident where I got too close to a parking lot divider and my passenger side tire went a foot off the ground onto the divider. Called Busters, and Greg came within 15 mins. Greg executed a perfect vehicle recovery and there was zero damage to my car from the incident/tow. Greg was very professional, polite and very careful while recovering my vehicle. Despite my very embarrassing situation, he was very sympathetic. He was very knowledgeable about car mechanics and his explanations put me at ease. Bad days happen, and Greg’s humanity definitely helped me get through this one!”

– May 10, 2019 (Sarah)

“The provider arrived earlier than the computer generated estimate. He was quite good as were all the people I had to deal with”
– January 16, 2019 (Sykes Contractor Network)

“Yesterday my F350 truck wouldn’t start at work. The responding technician was on scene 10 minutes quicker than estimated. Fantastic guy. Was wearing a Greek style fisherman’s hat with “captain” on the front. He wasn’t able to get the truck running but very quickly figured out the problem.
This morning Fazal in truck 99 showed up, as scheduled, to take my truck to the mechanics. Fazal was quick, careful, and efficient. Another great guy.
Thanks for the quick response and the great work. Much appreciated!”
January 15, 2019 (Rian D.)

“Service representative who helped me on the phone was very easy to speak (very kind and very knowledgeable). Roadside assistant company showed up on time as promised. Very nicely helpful and job requested was done within 15 minutes. Thank you.”
December 29, 2017 (anonymous)

Stranded to Saved!
Found myself stranded in Vancouver with a dodgy rental car and a crappy rental car company! As an event planner, I had a multitude of tasks and people to take care of! This could not be happening! Finally negotiated a two way tow with the rental agency, and they hired Buster’s!!!
While the car agency was horrible to deal with Busters was on the job and did an outstanding job. Ultimately delivering to a downtown Vancouver restaurant whilst I managed a dinner!! They were professional and really cared about me, my situation and the need to get reliable wheels to continue my journey! Thank you Buster’s towing! You saved the day!”
– August 6, 2016 (Cathie H.)

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