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An integral element of our mission statement is our commitment to contribute positively to our communities and our environment. We take seriously our obligations as corporate citizens. Part of our responsibility goes beyond serving just our customers and meeting the needs of our employees. That responsibility includes contributing in a positive way to community development and it involves helping those who are less fortunate when the opportunity to assist presents itself.

Busters is proud to support a number of local charities and causes, all of them benefiting the people of Greater Vancouver. Our community giving spans a wide range of causes, from the environmental field to our support of young people and amateur sports at the local level.

We have been involved in assisting a wide array of community organizations and continue to seize opportunities to help those in need in whatever way we can. Some of the organizations we have assisted in the past or continue to assist include:

  Emerging Hope - we provided free warehouse and workshop space for this organization committed to creating employment opportunities and providing job skills for the homeless and other marginalized residents of the Downtown Eastside.

  The Busters Towing Angus A. MacLennan Memorial Endowment at Simon Fraser University - an endowment established by Busters Towing in honour of a long-term employee of Busters who passed away in 2003. The income from the endowment provides an annual award to an undergraduate student as S.F.U. who demonstrates high standards of leadership and performance as a team member of the Varsity Golf Team.

  The Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Greater Vancouver - annually sponsors the Boys' and Girls' Club fundraising golf tournament.

  Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver - we support the annual fundraising efforts of the Big Brothers organization.

  The Vancouver Police Pipe Band - we are sustaining supporters of Vancouver's "official band".

  Lower Mainland Streamkeepers - Busters assists various streamkeeper organizations in the Lower Mainland watersheds with their efforts in preserving the ecosystems that provide our valuable fish habitat.

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Retrieving Towed Vehicles Retrieving Towed Vehicles
We are contracted by the City of Vancouver to tow vehicles that have been ticketed for parking violations on city streets.

If your vehicle was towed from city streets or lanes in violation of a City Bylaw, or if your vehicle was impounded because of a police incident, you can retrieve your vehicle by contacting the City Impound Yard at 604.685.7246 located at 425 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver. Hours: 24 hrs, 7 days a week.

[ Yahoo! Canada Maps ]  Map of 425 Industrial Avenue Vancouver BC V6A 2P8

If you were towed from a private property or parking lot, or involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can contact our office at 604.685.8181 and retrieve your vehicle at 435 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver ( Right next to the City Impound Yard ). Hours: 24 hrs, 7 days a week.

[ Yahoo! Canada Maps ]  Map of 435 Industrial Avenue Vancouver BC V6A 2P8

If your vehicle was left abandoned or parked with expired or no insurance on city streets or lanes, you can retrieve your vehicle by contacting the City Abandoned Vehicle Yard at 604.321.6527. Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 16:00 excluding statutory holidays.

Open 24/7 All of our locations are open 24/7 except where indicated.
Before your vehicle can be released you may be required to provide your Driver's License or picture ID and in some cases, vehicle registration as well as payment for applicable towing and storage charges. Payments accepted: Cash, Visa, Master Card and Debit card.

If you are unsure if we have your vehicle, please check our Vehicle Search selection or give our customer service a call at our main number 604.685.8181. They would be happy to direct you to the right location.

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